Live a better life with COPD

Exercise and education to help you maintain your best health

Remain strong and combat the fear of breathlessness

Improve your quality of life, physical fitness and mental well-being

Program Outcomes

This program is designed to help manage and improve symptoms of COPD



Understand the positive impact physical activity can have on COPD


Find the strength and confidence to participate in the activities you enjoy


Continue on a positive path to long-term health

Program Content

An individualized exercise program spread over 3 phases, tailored to your needs. We’ll help you find your motivation to enjoy a more active lifestyle and successfully manage your COPD.

What Is COPD

Why Is Exercise Important

Phases Of The Program

Topics To Be Covered

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"My condition was deteriorating quickly. My COPD was beginning to take over. I wanted to stop going out as I felt anxious about being breathless. Stephanie helped me pace myself, breath through my anxiety and actually stronger so tasks began to feel easier. Thank you so much WillKin".

– John, 72

"I’m able to spend more time with my grandkids now that I am exercising. These moments are priceless to me."

– Margaret, 77

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What is the COPD Program?

An individualized exercise program tailored to your needs and designed to help manage and improve symptoms of COPD. Supported by research regarding areas of physical fitness and psychological well-being negatively impacted by COPD. For more information regarding how this program can help you, visit our detailed program page. More Information

How much does it cost?

Please contact or call to discuss pricing. Contact us to discuss the options according to your budget. Contact Us

How long is the program?

This program consists of 3 Phases that last 12 sessions each. The length and time in between sessions will be dependent on the Phase. See more information on the Phases. Details

How do I find the Kinesiologist?

There is no effort required on your part to find a Kinesiologist. We will match you with an experienced and qualified Kinesiologist who is in your area.

Does my insurance cover this?

Every insurance plan will be slightly different. If you are unsure as to which paramedical services are covered by your plan consult this document to contact your insurance provider and determine the coverage. When contacting them, ask the following: “I am going to be working with a Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist to do a supervised exercise program, will I have any coverage for this?”

Where does the program take place?

Our programs are offered in your home, or workplace so that you do not have to worry about traveling to a gym or center. We are currently offering two different methods; in person with the Kinesiologist who travels to you, or remotely where the Kinesiologist will connect with you online via Zoom.

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