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Live an active life with more control of your pain and body.

Exercise and education to help minimize a sedentary lifestyle and improve activity with your family

Stay active to reduce recurring ankle or foot injuries

Improve your quality of life and boost your physical and mental well-being

Program Outcomes

This program is designed to get you active by retraining dysfunctional movements that have led to recurring foot and lower body injuries


Understand the positive impact exercising barefoot can have on your well-being


Practice breathing techniques and facilitate the connection between your foot to core


For your mind, stress, energy, balance, fitness and strength

Program Content

An individualized exercise program for someone who has experienced a long period of deconditioning, lower body pain, a lower body or foot related injury. Looking to be in less pain and gain more strength. The program focuses on working from the ground up through corrective foot exercises to breathing technique.

Benefits of exercising barefoot

Diaphragmatic breathing and stability

Foot to Core sequence benefits

Topics Covered Over 12 Weeks

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"Exercising with Emily is very refreshing. I did not think it was possible to feel this good at my age."

– Joanne, 68

"I never realized that I could feel this good about myself. Being active gives me a lot of confidence in my day to day activities and has made me realize that I want to keep it up for as long as possible."

– Elizabeth, 56

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What is the Bare to Move Program?

An individualized exercise program tailored to your needs, focusing on foot to core sequencing to encourage core strength, stability and mobility. Supported by research on corrective exercises for strengthening the foot and ankle. For more information regarding how this program can help you, visit our detailed program page. More Information

How much does it cost?

Please contact or call to discuss pricing. Pricing is determined on delivery of sessions, either remote or in person. Contact Us

How long is the program?

This program lasts 12 sessions. It is typically suggested to have 1 session per week, therefore lasting approximately 3 months. Note, there is a possibility to continue on after your 12 sessions are complete.

How do I find the Kinesiologist?

There is no effort required on your part to find a Kinesiologist. We will match you with an experienced and qualified Kinesiologist who is in your area.

Does my insurance cover this?

Every insurance plan will be slightly different. If you are unsure as to which paramedical services are covered by your plan consult this document to contact your insurance provider and determine the coverage. When contacting them, ask the following: “I am going to be working with a Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist to do a supervised exercise program, will I have any coverage for this?”

Where does the program take place?

Our programs are offered in your home, or workplace so that you do not have to worry about traveling to a gym or center. We are currently offering two different methods; in person with the Kinesiologist who travels to you, or remotely where the Kinesiologist will connect with you online via Zoom.

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Feel in control of your condition

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