OneLifestyle program

Preventive exercise and lifestyle program delivered by an accredited Kinesiologist
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Program A 12 week prevention exercise program for those with hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and obesity      

Tools & Information Learning Tools and patient education materials provided for you to guide each session

Support & Visibility We will match you with clients in your area and handle the payment process      

Continuing Education Credits Gain the knowledge and confidence you need: HeartWise Training (10 hours of credits)

Program Objectives

This program is designed to help your clients reduce the modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease   


Motivate your client to develop a positive relationship with physical activity     


Encourage your client achieve their exercise goals


Inspire behaviour change leading to successful long-term health     

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Program Summary

An individualized exercise program focused on providing effective exercises in order to motivate a healthier lifestyle and reduce risk factors.

Common risk factors of cardiovascular disease

Importance Of Exercise

Exercising safely

Topics Covered Over 12 Weeks

"I think that being able to deliver our programs remotely during COVID-19 to those who are unable to attend a centre or gym, has been vitally important. I feel like I am doing such meaningful and worthwhile work."

– Sophie, Kinesiologist

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What is the OneLifestyle program?

An individualized exercise program tailored to your client’s needs and designed to help them reduce their risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Focusing on the common chronic conditions in Canadians. This program will encourage lifestyle changes and a positive relationship with exercise. For more information regarding how this program can help your clients, visit our detailed program page. detailed program page.

How much does it cost the client?

For pricing and payment terms please contact Pricing will be determined by level of experience of the kin and delivery method of the program (remote or in-person).

How long is the program?

This program lasts 12 sessions. It is typically suggested to have 1 session per week, therefore lasting approximately 3 months. Note, there is a possibility to continue on after your 12 sessions are complete.

How do I find the client?

There is no effort required on your part to find a client. We will match you with a client who’s condition you specialize in and lives in your area.

Does insurance cover this?

Every insurance plan will be a bit different. If you are unsure as to which paramedical services are covered by your plan consult this document to contact your insurance provider and determine the coverage. When contacting them, ask for the following: “I am going to be working with a Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist through a supervised exercise program, will I have any coverage for this?”

Where does the program take place?

Our programs take place in your client’s home, or workplace so they do not have to worry about traveling to a gym or center. We are currently offering two different methods; in person with you, the Kinesiologist, travelling to them, or remotely where you will connect with your client online via Zoom.

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COVID-19: In response to the pandemic, WillKin has adapted the delivery of its services by now offering all of its programs remotely.