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The need for a remote, supervised exercise and lifestyle education program in Bronchiectasis and NTM

Background & Aim

  • The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted physical activity levels and positive lifestyle behaviours.
  • Currently, there are no home-based exercise and education programs, remotely delivered through a virtual platform, available for Bronchiectasis and NTM patients.
  • Remote programs reduce barriers to accessing in-clinic/in-person programs.


Home-based exercise and lifestyle education programs are feasible and needed to help develop intrinsic motivation to continue with physical activities despite the pandemic. Increased confidence in using the Internet as a necessity due to the pandemic, has led to a greater acceptance of using online platforms.

To support this program, please contact our partners at NTMir.

Gina from NTMir

Our NTM/BE initiative

Our team has collaborated with NTMir to understand the thoughts and opinions of those living with NTM and bronchiectasis, around a remotely delivered exercise program.

Needs Assessment Report

Conference Poster

ConnEx details

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, my biggest challenges as someone living with Bronchiectasis and NTM was the lack of exercise classes, further loss of independence, limiting my ability to live a somewhat full life.”

– Anonymous

Our partners

For educational content and resources on NTM and Bronchiectasis, please check out NTMir's videos

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