About WillKin

Exercise Physiology has a vital role to play in enhancing the lives of patients with chronic conditions. Our team is committed to bringing superior programs to you, to ensure you achieve your best health.

Our Roots

WillKin provides quality rehabilitation, corrective exercise and lifestyle education to those with chronic conditions. We wish to bridge the gap between clinical care and your long term health; inspire you to find your inner motivation, self-belief and ability to live a positive, active lifestyle and feel in control of your health

Our Goals

At WillKin, we aim to provide Kinesiologists with the programs, tools, information and support to change clients’ lives for the better.

We are WillKin

Our team has an enduring commitment to harnessing the value of exercise science and behavioural interventions for best and lasting health outcomes.

Founder, Director

Becky Zucco

Exercise Physiologist

Project Manager

Emily Horvat


Project Manager

Julie Lopez


Business Advisor

Maria Sedeno

Executive Director RESPIPLUS

Business Advisor

Normand Zucco

Banking and Consulting Executive        

Healthcare Advisor

Dr Jean Bourbeau

Director of McGill University Research Institute

Exercise Physiology Advisor

Michael Stickland

Director of G.F. MacDonald Center for Lung Health


Lauren Tracey, M.Sc.

Accredited Kinesiologist, MD,CM Candidate


Vincent Lemieux

Digital Marketing Specialist

Expert Reviewers


Celena Scheede-Bergdahl

KPE McGill University, PhD

Jenna Gibbs

KPE McGill University, PhD

Maria Frangapane

Co-Manager Adapted Clinic, Cummings Centre

Paula Ribeiro

Research Associate MBMC, PhD

Véronique Pepin

HKAP Concordia University, PhD



Jess Thomas
Specialist in pulmonary rehabilitation, helping those living with chronic lung disease improve their quality of life and achieve their goals through exercise.


Vanessa Bahry
Specialist in exercise and health promotion for people with chronic disease.



Wyatt Stewart
Special interest in arthritis, heart disease, and the role of exercise and lifestyle in pain management.

British Colombia

Corrine Cutler
Specialist in chronic disease management and improving function and quality of life through appropriate physical activity.

Kelli West
Specialist in chronic disease management with a passion for supporting clients to achieve their best quality of life.


Lara Thiessen
Specialist in ergonomics, return to work programs, chronic pain, orthotics and hydrotherapy.


 Sandeep Aujla
Specialist in musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain.


Coming Soon

New Brunswick

Coming Soon

Newfoundland & Labrador

Des Martin
Specialist in exercise management and sedentary behaviour counselling for individuals with chronic diseases, such as cardiac disease, COPD and diabetes.

Nova Scotia

Coming Soon


Catarina Martins
Specialist in cancer, cardiac, pre & post-natal populations.


Jane Gage
Specialist in movement programs and chronic illness.


Jaime Glassman
Specialist in chronic pain and illness management.


Katie Fair
Specialist in older adults and neurological conditions such as Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.


Stuart Wakefield
The Director of Education in Canada for EBFA Global. A specialist on movement longevity through sensory stimulation, fascial health, and foot stability.

Prince Edward Island

Rob Dickson
Specialist in weight loss, behavioural change and exercise adherence.


Aaron Fellows
Adapted exercise specialist and works with neurological conditions, COPD, diabetes, and arthritis management amongst many other conditions.


  Melissa Alphonse

   Specialist in adapted exercise in geriatrics and respiratory conditions.

Cecilia Xie 

Specialist in chronic disease management and return to work programs.

Melissa Tremblay

   Specialist in movement programs, injury management, and lung health.


Coming Soon

Our Kinesiologists are all accredited by

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COVID-19: In response to the pandemic, WillKin has adapted the delivery of its services by now offering all of its programs remotely.