Empower your patients

Supervised exercise and behaviour change programs, for those with chronic conditions delivered by an accredited Kinesiologist
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Exercise and education to help your patients improve their quality of life

Education on techniques for successful self-management of your patients' chronic disease

Inspire behaviour change to promote favourable long-term health

Reduce the burden on the healthcare system

Provide feedback on your patients' progress for ease of follow-up

Bridging the gap between health care and the long-term physical well-being of your patients

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Let our team help guide your patients on a path to living better with their chronic diseases


Help patients self-manage their lifestyle

Chronic Lung Diseases

Information Portal

Information portal specially designed to provide reliable information on common chronic lung diseases.

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Living Well with COPD

Education program

Help your patient to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours & obtain the necessary skills to better manage his/her illness.

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Centre for Active Living

Activity Resource

The Centre provides services supporting project evaluation, knowledge mobilization and measurement.

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